CDS has a partnership with nTopology and provides consulting services


Our services range from training designers and engineers for mastering generative design to developing custom solutions (workflows and add-ons) that allow our customers to make the most of nTopology's limitless applications

“[…] nTopology and CDS entered into a reseller agreement to bring nTopology solutions to Europe.
They bring a wealth of manufacturing and industry expertise to the nTopology ecosystem.”

Our Services

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nTopology License Reseller

  • nTopology account creation

  • On-boarding training 

  • Online help desk and support 

  • Basic documentation and workflow 

  • Example files

  • Requirement capture

Advanced Support & Training

  • Custom compound block database​​

  • Innovative workflow process mapping​

  • Hundreds of 3D printing Material Database

  • Advanced 3D texturing 

  • Additive Material replicators (Anisotropic Materials)

  • Topology optimization post processing 

  • Advanced Mesh preparation

  • API integration


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Infill Optimizer
Infill Optimizer

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Custom Addons & Tools

  • OptiBot​​

  • Genetical algorithm​​ engine

  • Injection plastic design morpher​​*

  • Die Casting Morpher*

  • Meta Material generator​​

  • Bionic optimizer​​

  • Topology optimization post processor​​

  • Infill optimizer

All our services are accessible to customers worldwide

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