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CDS is proud to share Cognitive Additive integration into GrabCad Print (Stratasys).

Cognitive Additive, the software for AM feasibility and cost analysis is now integrated into GrabCAD Print solution, Stratasys 3D printing software.

As part of this collaboration, Stratasys users have now the ability to go from CAD files to a manufacturing file ready to print, while ensuring the feasibility and quality of parts. This complete streamlined solution is currently available for Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printers, and will support other technologies in the future.

Cognitive Additive allows you to automatically perform, the orientation based on different strategies, the part nesting on the build plate, and the support creation. Additionally, the software also generates a dashboard result, including cost breakdown, printability information and suitability of selected parts with regards to a specific machine and material.

Saving you time and reducing print failure, the solution is destined to all designers wanting to convert concept into reality.

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