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Release Note

Cognitive Additive 2.4.1


New Features:

  • Database editor: Create/Edit your databases in Cognitive Additive. You can now add and edit machines, materials and settings.

  • Database (DB) converter: Convert an excel template file (available in the provided with the software), into compatible DB format. This converter allows you to also create a DB from scratch.

  • Energy cost is now added as part of this version (Energy cost will be part of the total cost and is also editable)

  • Prototype and Serial Production strategy are now renamed to AM Study and AM Part Screening

  • Production cost is now displayed as part of the costing details (in AM study)

  • Back buttons are available in AM Part screening (Also available in AM study)

  • Selected point is highlighted in AM Part's screening graph

  • Number of solutions (points) is displayed at the top right corner (in AM Part's screening)

  • AM Part screening's result dashboard: Cost value displayed next to the pie chart

  • Visual risk analysis parameters are no longer relying the excel file, but the database instead. Those parameters are editable for each technology (PBF, FFF) in the database editor.

  • Grid, Wireframe and Bounding Box views have been added in the viewing panel.

  • Cross section viewing tool: Slicing gap reduction, direction reversal was added

  • Pre-processing of 3D models is now implemented (fixing, recentering, orienting on the largest surface, removing tiny 3D models) prior to analysis.

  • Orientation done during the pre-processing can be avoided by hitting the checkbox "Keep original 3D models orientation".

  • New axis choices are added to the AM Part Screening graph: Buy to fly ratio, Complexity

Cognitive Additive 2.3.1

New Features:

​Serial Production

  • New nesting method, faster analysis

  • Nesting displayed with colors, build volume & part directly in the Results Dashboard


  • Cost Analysis tab displays nesting with colored supports & printing bed


  • Database import & selection directly from the interface

  • New viewing toolbar containing viewing tools such as the Cross-section view

Cognitive Additive 2.2.0

New Features:

  • Risk Analysis database now linked to a button that opens the directory of it (inside the Computing panel) 

  • Added a "Back", "Stop" and "Reset" buttons in Prototype strategy

  • Support infill % parameter added to edit settings window in Prototype strategy

  • Disk capacity warning message for output folder (capacity < 10 Go)

  • Merge STEP extracted bodies into only one added with a checkbox available before importing 3d models

  • Results dashboard KPIs (accessible from Serial Production)

  • New KPI added: 

  • Plate printing height (Z-max) (Manufacturing analysis Prototype)

  • Machining buy to fly ratio (Mesh analysis – Prototype)

  • Thermal concentration (Risk analysis visualization Prototype)

  • Stability ratio (Printability analysis – Prototype)

  • Filtering results function added to Serial production

Cognitive Additive 2.1.0

New Features:

  • 2D Graph to compare solutions in Serial Production strategy

  • Computing loading bar with % progress and status message

  • PBF & FFF Risk Analysis* providing visualizations such as:

  • Surface roughness

  • Minimum feature size

  • Wall deformation

  • High deformation risk zone

  • Extended assembly models compatibility such as “.stp” & “.STEP”

  • Selected currency (USD, JPY) appearing in every cost related variables

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