Advanced Software for design and manufacturing optimization

Cognitive Design Systems is a new generation design software and consulting company using Artificial Intelligence for 3D Modeling and Numerical Simulation

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An expertise of over 200+ projects in design engineering


Human-Machine Harmony

Enabling engineers and designers to generate design with AI and automation.

Let us handle the process of industrialization study, unleash your creativity and make your concept a reality today

Automated industrialization software for Additive Manufacturing

We are experts in additive manufacturing and have created a software to streamline the AM study process


Generative design and Optimization​

We master in nTopology software and can help you do the same


Add value to your current workflow and integrate nTopology to your legacy CAD/CAE platforms

All In One Generative Design Platform


At CDS we develop machine learning tools for 3D modeling

We master generative design using best in class machine learning algorithms

Our designs are analyzed for their performances, manufacturability and cost

All our services are accessible to customers worldwide

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