Accelerate your decision-making process with Cognitive Additive​

Cognitive Design Systems is a new generation design consulting company using Artificial Intelligence for 3D Modeling and Numerical Simulation.

An expertise of more than 200 projects in design engineering completed


Automation of CAD design, enabling engineer and designer to generate using AI

We want designers and engineers to unleash their creativity, enabling them to produce designs and ideas that are worthy of 21st century

We build solution that accelerate the design process (generation of design or optimization)

We are expert of 3D printing and have created a software for the industrialization of 3D printing part

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Generative design and Optimization​

We master nTopology and can help you do the same ​ Add value to your current workflow, integrate nTopology to your legacy CAD/CAE platforms

Automated industrialization software for Additive Manufacturing

  • Our automated manufacturing risk and cost analysis will save you time and money​​ ​

  • ​Perform manufacturing feasibility study and check economic viability for various AM processes for any part of your database

  • Compare, explore and analyze your part inventory in no time with our on premise solution​


All In One Generative Design Platform


We master generative design using best in class machine learning algorithms

Our designs are analyzed for their performances, manufacturability and cost

At CDS we develop machine learning tools for 3D modeling, numerical and manufacturing simulation


All our services are accessible to customer worldwide

Interested in our services or nTopology, contact us at