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CDS is pleased to announce the release of “Cognitive Additive 2.0”

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Following the first version commercialized in Japan, CDS is releasing a second version of their software to expand their client coverage in Europe and Asia.

Rhushik MATROJA, CEO says “Cognitive Additive answers 3 basic questions an additive engineer asks himself while designing a part: How to manufacture? What are the manufacturing risks? At what costs?”

Cognitive Additive is a software solution for additive manufacturing performing automated feasibility studies for prototyping and serial production scenarios. Making use of an in-house-developed artificial intelligence to orient, nest and analyse parts and assemblies, the software gives an agnostic comparison for different additive technologies (metals and polymers), machines and materials.

Running completely off-cloud (on premise) this unique solution, makes the most of machine learning algorithms to complete feasibility study with minimal inputs in matters of minutes! A large database of machines and materials allows users to compare from a broad variety of options. Being fully customizable, users can also add new machines and materials along with their personal settings.

While using Cognitive Additive, users can select combination of factors influencing the orientation strategy, the software will then analyse more than 1800 different orientations to get the most suitable one. Nesting and volumes of support are part of the results that will be determined during the automatic study, along with printability and production KPIs related to the part geometry, and its cost. All analytical results are exportable to facilitate the usage and the integration with other tools.

The second version of the software supports the two widely used technologies, power bed fusion and fused filament fabrication. Binder jetting (metal) and digital light processing (polymer) technologies as well as other new functionalities are expected to come shortly after as part of license subscription.

If you are already familiar with additive manufacturing and want to boost your productivity, or simply interested in adopting the AM technology and want to verify parts eligibility in a meaningful way, do not hesitate and reach out to Cognitive Design Systems.

Software available in English and Japanese.

The software was unveiled and presented during an event held in CDS office in Toulouse on December 8th; Clients, industry professionals, students and academics attended the event.

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