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Casting Morpher - Another one !

CDS released a new design tool for casting and injection molding on the Synera platform.

As part of the Cognitive Molding solution (intended to serve molding application such as die casting, injection molding and more), the first implementation of the Casting Morpher will allow engineers to explore alternative design for a different manufacturing methods in a fully automated way.

The new morpher optimizes any part for casting application in a fraction of time.

Using this new automated solution, our users can expect to optimize their parts and make them castable in a matter of few clicks. The geometrical analysis associated with orientation calculations are all performed seamlessly to make this tool easy to use without any pre-requisite.

How can you use this tool ?

Topology optimization outside additive

The well-known topology optimization that is employed to optimize material layout given conditions and constraints­­, is broadly adopted in the context of additive manufacturing, but what if we could push it for casting and injection application.

The complex designs resulted from topology optimization offers great flexibility in terms of design, but that complexity becomes a hurdle when mass manufacturing those designs, especially with conventional manufacturing such as injection, casting and machining.

Combining the morpher with topology optimized results will allow you to consider casting manufacturing methods that is often a cheaper alternative for mass production.

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