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CDS 3D-Printed Molding Partners revealed at Formnext 2023

CDS is happy to announce its expansion on molding activities carried out through a series of partnerships with 3 molding companies, Plastic Manufacturing Technologies (PMT), HoliMaker and Innovation Plasturgie Composite (IPC).

The collaboration will push the various Molding applications specific to 3D printing, such as quick molding, or technical mold with cooling channel. This collaboration comes with a succession of solutions that will be offered by CDS as part of the Cognitive Molding umbrella, a software for part design, mold generation (injection molding, die casting) and mold feasibility analysis.

The value behind these partnerships

  • A strong expertise

PMT and CDS's expertise will help you to automate your mold process creation from an existing part, enabling the creation of the perfect 3D printed mold ready to use.

  • Prototyping global offering

Holimaker's capabilities offer a great respond for quick molding in small series and prototyping, providing a fast and much cost-effective alternative to traditional molding when it combined with 3D printed molds and automated software solutions.

  • Cutting-edge Conformal cooling

IPC is a worldwide reference for tooling thermal management and has been very active in this field for years. In 2021, they revealed the results of a collaborative project on that topic, which can be found here:

This project resulted in the patented MCOOL® solution that extracts the optimal thermal trace of the cooling channels. allowing for uniform and fast cooling on the molding surface.

The CDS design engine will be leverage the MCOOL® results as a valuable input to generate the cooling channels optimally. Unlike traditional design methods and tools, the CDS modeling kernel can generate complex shapes and geometries, which are essential for conformal cooling applications. Furthermore, thanks to integration with Cognitive Additive, the CDS additive manufacturing manufacturability analysis tool, the manufacturability of the cooling channels will be ensured.

About our 3 partners:

Plastic Manufacturing Technologies, LLC (PMT) is a prominent industry advocate and consulting firm specializing in applying 3D printing technologies to tool and die fabrication, drawing from extensive experience in traditional mold manufacturing. Over the past decade, PMT's engineering and toolmaking experts have collaborated with printer manufacturers and automotive OEMs to advance the use of these technologies for today's programs, establishing themselves as experts in Additive Manufacturing (AM) for tooling.

HoliMaker, is an innovative startup based in the Grand Est Region, France, specializing in designing and producing micro-industry tools for plastic transformation (injection press), they also offer material handling workshops and training.

CT-IPC specializes in the field of plastics and composites, offering services such as research and development, materials testing, technical consulting, and assistance in the development of plastic and composite products and processes. They play a crucial role in advancing technology, innovation, and best practices in the plastics and composites industries in France.

« IPC is proud of CDS's interest in MCOOL® patended solution. The performance of our Industry depends on the precise control of thermal that MCOOL® offers. Unlocking the use of MCOOL® represents a great opportunity. » David MULLER - Business Developer

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