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Cognitive Additive Free Campaign

After three years of development, Cognitive Design Systems (CDS) is ready to unveil the result. We are launching a free campaign to enable users to discover all the Cognitive Additive’s features and possibilities.

Aiming to revolutionize the engineering design process, we developed Cognitive Additive - an innovative software solution driven by artificial intelligence, created to boost the adoption of additive manufacturing and automate the AM workflow.

Cognitive Additive AM study module offers three packages:

- Feasibility: DfAM-driven, this package provides AM suitability scores for individual part, and displays visualizations for all identified manufacturing risks.

- Advanced costing: Slicing-free, our machine learning algorithms will calculate both the printing time and the detailed cost analysis for your complete production line configuration.

- Sustainability: Assess carbon emissions for each part and build job before starting any print jobs using the Sustainability package.

This solution enables analysis of 3D printing process, with features such as multi-orientation

& nesting comparison, preliminary build job preparation automated DfAM analysis, cost and carbon footprint calculation. The goal is to improve and speed up the design process by providing engineers and designers with the right information.

To learn more about the software and register for the free 90-day trial, please visit https://

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